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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Forever Mod??

I've featured Forever Mod before. A 2 CD compilation of 48 tunes of smokin' jazz, sensual soul, stormin' ska and classic blues which apparently influenced the beginnings of the Mod Scene. Purchased for 3 quid in Morrisons in Dunoon.
I can't really see the  link myself in the majority of the tracks but there are some absolute belters.
These two probably go down as rhythm and blues as opposed to any of the genres described above.
I must track down Honky Tonk Pt 1
Next week I may go down the classic blues route

Huey Smith - Pop Eye

Bill Doggett -Honky Tonk Pt.2


  1. Here's Part 1, CC. Enjoy!


  2. Wow that great Marie and a pleaseant surprise particularly as I've scheduled this a day early!
    It will reappear tomorrow

  3. Here's a re-post of the link to Part 1, CC, just in case it was missed.

  4. A mighty fine pair of tunes CC.