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Thursday 19 December 2019

State of the Union - An Appreciation

As mentioned yesterday I am using today's post as an appreciation for George's just completed State of the Union series.
For the last 50 Wednesdays he has provided/subjected you to songs with either State names or the names of towns and cities from the state in their title.
He has also provided a lot of useful informaton on frogs, state fish, geology, famous people, panhandles and a list of do's and dont's should you ever pitch up in one of these States.
At the last count he is now barred from 37 of them.

Where possible he shied away from the more obvious songs going for the more obscure. Phil Ochs has never had such a high presence on these pages.

I was happy to let him loose and thought it would give me a rest. However, I couldn't resist trying to add a song or two of my own which sometime defeated that objective.

He is probably currently advertising his services across the blogosphere. If there are no takers  I am happy to take him back after a well deserved Festive break if he is willing and if we can negotiate a suitable deal.
He may have a series in mind but if not feel free to offer up some suggestions.

Finally, much as it loathes me to say it he actually missed out one state.
Yes, as you munch on your chlorinated chicken and wonder whether your life savings will stretch to paying for an X-ray on a sprained finger remember that the UK is indeed the 51st State of the USA

The The - Heartland

New Model Army - 51st State


  1. At a recent New Model Army show I was at (that you can read about over at my place in a couple weeks time!) Justin Sullivan introduced '51st State' as "an old song that's back on the agenda", reminding us that while things constantly change, they also stay the same...

    I'd like to know if our Scottish contingent have changed their minds about Independence of late? It might not be such a bad thing now you know...

    1. Too close to call at the moment Robster but the longer that Johnston is in power more are likely to be pro Indy- assuming we are ever "allowed" to vote that is

  2. Much as I would like to see George impeached... which actually reminds me of that song Impeach My Bush.... I would still vote for a return engagement next year.

  3. Blimey! Talk of New Model Army takes me back to the mid 80's, I dallied with them for a while - the fertile for protest Thatcher years! Much good it did us. If I may make a personal comment here - we're utterly f*cked here in England for the next five years and as much as I want to support/preserve the union, equally I would 100% support Scotland's push for independence. Anything to escape the shitstorm of our own making that's coming.

  4. People Are Stupid would also have been an apt song to post (not a state, but a right state). I'm still reeling from last week, and just cannot comprehend how Johnson has managed to get such a majority. Who would have thought the North (note: not Scotland), with their history of oppression under the heel of the Tories, would vote for the lying bumbling fuckwit?