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Wednesday 18 December 2019

State of the Union - Louisiana

George writes

Final one. I was hoping the series would  somehow go viral and attract thousands upon thousands of followers, it would be the talk of the internet, there would be radio and tv interviews about the latest great internet sensation………….”brilliant idea”............”what inspired you”...........”how did you manage to unearth such great music”.........”did you ever feel like giving it up”......and  “why didn’t you use your own blog instead of polluting my pages”.............I would find fame and fortune. Well, I did manage to garner thousands of viagra sellers and followers from Indonesia. I also managed to lose the pages of Charity Chic Music scores of readers, which was not exactly my intention……..

So, here it is, Louisiana, a state home to a plethora of musical styles. And here’s a Louisiana ICA, and before you ask, no, nothing by Dr John

  1. Led Zeppelin - Royal Orelans    (about a hotel in New Orleans)

And that is it.  Thanks to my good friend for turning over his site to me every wednesday for the last 50 weeks. 

CC writes
Many thanks George. An epic series and a magnificent effort.
A fuller appreciation tomorrow.
Meanwhile here is my ICA which includes a couple of the songs above but by different artists. Oh, and something by Dr John


  1. I'd like to add this beauty of Cajun music from Louisiana's Austin Pitre and his band, the Evangeline Playboys - - "Two Step de Bayou Teche" (the Youtube spelling is wrong)

  2. The Beatles Apple Records released a cajun single in 1972 called "Saturday Night Special" by The Sundown Playboys.

    You can get the Austin Pitre track and 19 other Cajun tunes on a fab sampler album called "Another Saturday Night".

    The black and white photo on the front of the album seems to show a typical late night Louisiana street scene, but I'm sure there was a story that the photo was taken late night somewhere in Glasgow...

    1. Not so sure Lynchie
      No traffic cones on display

  3. George will be relieved you commented as he is currently feeling unloved.
    We need more comments if he is to be persuaded to do another theme

  4. Sorry to ramble on, but I forgot the greatest ever cover of a Chuck Berry song: Johnnie Allan - "Promised Land"

  5. A mighty achievement, George, congratulations. What next?

  6. Nicely done, George and CC. Enormous frogs and all, you did my country proud.

  7. That's a pretty fine list from both of you. Well done, George. Come back soon.

  8. Enjoyed this series a lot and admired your stamina in getting through all 50 states. Many new song discoveries too.

    As for the plethora of interesting facts and figures, I think we're all going to remember about that frog now.

    Well done and hope you return soon with something else just as "riveting" (get it?).

  9. Big tip of the hat to George, a magnificent effort. Perhaps he'll turn his forensic eye on to the counties of the UK. Now that would be a challenge!