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Tuesday, 1 October 2019

This October

The final monthly instalment from Julie London's Calendar Girl album - or is it?

You may recall that this series started in November last year  given it was one of the September/October holiday purchases.
Given that we are currently on holiday again at the moment it seems appropriate for the series to conclude now.
Julie is wearing traditional Halloween attire I see. As an aside, Halloween appears to be much more of a thing with our American friends than on this side of the Pond. Here a few kids go out guising and that's about it. Annoyingly Trick or Treat now appears to have entered into the vernacular.

This October is a song written by her husband Bobby Troup and is according to the sleeve notes  a bouncy effort which would have made Larry Hart (who he? -Ed) proud

I hope that some of you have enjoyed this indulgence or maybe even parts of it. I suspect that only Alyson and perhaps Brian have made it to the bitter end.

Julie London - This October


  1. Thank you for making it to the end of the series - Obviously not for everyone Julie London, but I know you have a soft spot for her dulcet tones. She seems to have been part songstress and part pin-up girl which I hadn't really realised before but some of her "seasonal outfits" have been quite spectacular, this one included. As for Halloween it seems to have become big business over here too with pop up shops appearing from late summer on selling pumpkin (what happened to neep lanterns?) paraphernalia and costumes. Popular with young adults (like my daughter) who always end up going to parties where they have to dress up and drink spooky cocktails.

    Hope you're enjoying your holiday.

  2. Gorgeous, warm voice. I could have done without the back up vocals though.

  3. I know where you're going with your question, "or is it?" Do it, CC! I'm still with you! Since we are near the end, I'm going to recommend some Julie London. For the uninitiated, Rhino put out a comp in 1991 called 'Time for Love' that's very well done. June in January is the only song from 'Calendar Girl' you will find from the 18 tracks. My favorite album is from later in her career. She recorded 'All Through The Night' with the Bud Shank Quintet in 1965. It's an album of Cole Porter standards and contains London's single best moment, in my humble opinion, the sultry "In the Still of the Night." When she pleads, "do you love me?" at the end of the song, whoa! Goosebumps. Nobody cares, but her nicest album cover to look at is 'Julie' from 1958. It's even better than 'Calendar Girl.'

    1. A little boo-boo. Should read, My favorite album from later in her career is 'All Through The Night' with the Bud Shank Quintet from 1965.

  4. I've enjoyed it, but I don't get out much.

    I'm presuming you know this, but as nobody else has answered you: Lorenz "Larry" Hart was the lyricist half of Rodgers & Hart, so he's the guy who wrote "Blue Moon, you saw me standing alone..." and "My Funny Valentine", among many other standards.

    1. I didn't make that link Rol.
      Thanks for enlightening me!