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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

The Life Pursuit

Before I subject you all to recent holiday purchases here is one from a haul from the charity shops of St Andrews following a pre-holiday visit to nearby Crail.

The Life Pursuit from 2006 is the 7th (of ten) studio albums by twee Scottish indie band Belle and Sebastian.
It joins If You're Feeling Sinister and Dear Catastrophe Waitress on the shelves together with the EP 3..6..9.. Seconds of Light.
While maybe not as good as the other two above it is perfectly pleasant reaching number 8 in the UK album charts and acquiring silver status.
After a couple of listens I prefer the two tracks below to the three singles from the album namely Funny Little Frog, The Blues Are Still Blue and White Collar Boy. Probably just me being contrary again.

Belle and Sebastian -Another Sunny Day

Belle and Sebastian - Sukie in the Graveyard


  1. Just realised that I also have the I'm Waking Up To Us single.
    Helps explain why I occassionally purchase doublers!

  2. Never been a massive fan, but always liked 'Sukie in the Graveyard'

    1. I wouldn't say I'm a massive fan either Ernie although if they appear cheap in a Charity shop I will pounce!

  3. I don't know this album. Sounds like another good find!

  4. I like this album- Sukie is great and there were one or two others that cut it.