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Sunday, 27 October 2019

Mother Nature's Kitchen

I knew that I didn't have Mother Nature's Kitchen the 1989 debut album by the Kevin McDermott Orchestra on the Festival Records label but I didn't know why I didn't have it .
To Scottish music lovers of a certain vintage it is pretty well known with the album cover being instantly recognisable.
I'm guessing that I've seen it countless times in charity shops but for some reason never pounced.
Betther late that never I  suppose.
It is fairly pleasant folk rock somewhat reminicent of Mike Scott, Justin Currie and Martin Stephenson (who I often confuse him with).
The S*n (don't buy it) listed it as number 37 in a list of the best Scottish albums ever. I'm not sure that I would go that far. It gets 4.6/5 from reviews on Amazon. I would give it a 3.5/5. Allmusic gave it 3/5.
It seems that he has released another 7 albums since  then none of which have ever crossed my radar.

I'm glad to have filled that particular gap in my musical education

Kevin McDermott Orchestra - Mother Nature's Kitchen

Kevin McDermot Orchestra - Suffocation Blues

Originally scheduled for Thursday before the spammers pounced.


  1. I saw the Kevin McDermott Orchestra live many years ago when they were support act to Sting. In my defence, I only went to see that gig cos my pal Iain had won the tickets at a Children In Need auction, so charity and all that.
    Kevin McDermott Orchestra was fine but about 3 songs into Sting's set, the last of which was one of those Yo-yo-yo things, I bu**ered off to the bar.

  2. Any idea what the 36 better albums are in that list?. The first track is rather better than your "fairly pleasant folk rock " suggests. The second track is worse.

  3. Great album. Strolled up to George Square on the Big Day in 1990 just in time to hear McDermott do Mother Nature's Kitchen, bloody wonderful

  4. Mother Nature's Kitchen is an absolute belter of a tune, but it's pretty much the only thing I own. They're not found in charity shops this far South as they are round your way, I'm afraid. But cheers for Suffocation Blues, even if it is as good as George says....