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Sunday, 13 October 2019

Trojan Lovers

I very nealy missed the Trojan Lovers Box Set in a charity shop in St Andrews a month or so ago.
The reason?Given it was a boxset it was not filed with the other CDs. I had bought a CD and then decided to have another look.
Just as well really as otherwise you wouln't be getting this for the next three Sundays.
From 1999 it is one of the many,many Trojan boxsets on the go. 50 tracks over 3 CDs. I paid 3 quid. The going rate seems to be just north of 8 quid although some chancer is looking for 35 quid on e-bay.

Realistically I could have chosen any of the 17 songs of disc 1 as they all are of a very high standard.
I've gone for three songs that you will recognise although perhaps not by the artists listed below.

Derrick Harriott - Have You Seen Her

B.B.Seaton - Thin Line Between Love and Hate

The Fab Five Inc. - Love Me For a Reason


  1. I've been to that cinema in Aberfeldy. ANd can we expect more Osmonds' covers in the coming days? Now that would be an interseting series

    1. There is a cover tomorrow which will make you long for the Osmonds

    2. As good as the Fab Five are, the premier Osmonds reggae cover has to be 'One Bad Apple' by Barry Biggs - also available on one of those Trojan box sets.

  2. Great to hear a little reggae on a drizzly Sunday. Interesting to hear Thin Line Between Love and Hate too, I had to rack my brains about that one, and thanks to hearing it here and looking up further hadn't realised that the version familiar to me by the Pretenders was also a cover. Every day a school day!

  3. "Thin Line Between Love and Hate" by The Persuaders was on a sampler album called "The Age Of Atlantic" which cost 99p new in 1970.

  4. I picked up several of these themed Trojan boxes at the time, but am missing this one. A superb find for £3 CC.