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Monday, 28 October 2019

Lorde Lorde

Melodrama from 2017 is the second album by Ella Marija Lani Yelich- O'Connor  the New Zealand artist better known as Lorde.
Out of curiosity I picked it up in a charity shop in Newtonmore between holiday destinations A and B along with a vintage corduroy shirt.

Regular readers may be surprised to see this feature here.I was not familiar with her music but was aware of the hype when she first came on the scene.
She was onlty 21 when this came out and has already sold in the region of five milion albums.

Verdict - not really my thing but I suspect it is one of the better records from the electropop genre .
Mrs CC quite like it. Not one I think I will play all that often but for the moment it is a keeper.

Lorde -Green Light

Lorde - Homemade Dynamite


  1. Never mind the music show us your vintage corduroy shirt. Your readers need to know. OK, This reader......

  2. A vintage corduroy shirt, eh? Is it one of those heavy duty ones with lots of pockets or a Needle Cord one? I once had a bottle green Needle Cord suit and drove a green Vauxhall Viva around the same time. People would ask if I bought the suit to go with the car or vice versa.

    I quite liked "Homemade Dynamite" but it sounds familiar...

    1. "bottle green Needle Cord suit and drove a green Vauxhall Viva"
      in furrybootscity (north east scotland?), which of the two were more common?

    2. Neither. I was a trendsetter back in the day.