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Saturday, 12 October 2019

Aberfeldy Woo Hoo

If you are ever in the area the small Perthshire town of Aberfeldy is well worth a visit.
The birthplace of  the actor Alan Cummings it has a small community run cinema called The Birks.
There is also an excellent bookshop and cafe the Watemill

There is,as far as I am aware, only one charity shop namely the Thrift Shop which is in an old church building.
The volunteers are very frienly with one offering to sell me a kilo of CDs. The problem is they were all rubbish!
I felt obliged to buy something (Mrs CC bought a framed picture of Loch Tay for a pound) and  I came away with two CD singles
One was Woo Hoo by the's. I've featured this before from my burn of the album Bomb the Rocks.. The "b" side Guitar Date is also  on the album and didn't feature last time round.

Shades of Ernie's excellent Sazanami Saturday series and JC's recent Say Sue Me ICA

The's - Woo Hoo

The - Guitar Date

1 comment:

  1. The's Woo Hoo is fine but not as good as the original by The Rock-A-Teens.
    There's a great raft race at Aberfeldy.