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Thursday, 31 October 2019

Bands/Artists Who Passed Me By

Following my recent Beastie Boys post regular Friday night commentator Spence advised that they were one of the bands he has missed out on.
He suggested that it would be a good idea for bloggers to feature such artists who passed them by.
On my part there are many that come into that category.
Some have been re-discovered or more realistically discovered thanks to my blogging colleagues.
Acts I missed when I was immersed in Americana, was put off for some reason  or just totally missed them altogher.
One such band which comes into the latter categories is lovable Welshmen  The Super Furry Animals.
I am however making up for lost time with Radiator, purchased recently on my first ever visit to Banchory where I also had a bacon roll in Morrisons and paid 7 quid to get my beard trimmed, being the third of their albums to grace the shelves along with a CD single of Hermann ♥'s Pauline which also features on the album.
Another benefit to coming across these acts at the cow's tail is that you can pick up stuff by them very cheaply in charity shops..

Super Furry Animals - Demons

Super Furry Animals - Chupacabras


  1. Corduroy shirt, beard trim, what's next, cowboy hat? Velvet jacket? Manbag? Desert boots?

  2. What a great idea for a thread - I'd like to buy the fella who suggested it a pint! Funnily enough Super Furry Animals are one of the bands I've recently been clearing out in my A-Z trawl (burned their Greatest Hits of course) All were picked up cheaply on the assumption that as I love several other Welsh indie bands from that era, they were bound to be my cup of tea. On the whole though I was disappointed. Maybe there's something spooky going on here and that there's no such thing as 'missing out on bands' but a genuine sixth sense that tells you, you wouldn't really like 'em anyway. Now, make a theme of that ha ha! To the question in hand though, in recent weeks I've realised Steely Dan were a band I'd unfairly ignored back in the day and coming up I've got Richard Thompson who, his time in Fairport aside, I've given a wide berth but have since come to love. There are multitudes of others as you say.

  3. O fy gosh, mae gennych chi gymaint mwy i'w ddarganfod

    (Oh my gosh, you have so much more to discover)

    Mwynhewch y daith!

    (Enjoy the journey!)