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Friday, 1 November 2019

The Thirteenth Month

Sorry George, I couldn't resist it. Plus Brian made me do it, or at the very least actively encourged me because let's face it after posting all the other songs on the Calendar Girl album on the first (or second) of the month over the last year the completist in me couldn't miss out this song penned by Arthur Hamilton the man who gave us Cry Me a River.

Plus it also allows me to feature Julie's many topical but risque costumes in their entirity.

And also when reading a post over at Rigid Digit's place I discovered that a band called The Kick once released a song called Julie London.

There. That's it finished now. Honest.

Julie London - The Thirteenth Month


  1. "Plus Brian made me do it..." CC, that made me laugh!

  2. Sorry, George. Love seeing the gatefold sleeve open like that. This tribute by the Kick is a real head bobber.

  3. I'm rather disappointed. I was hoping you might have found a sequel to the first calendar.