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Saturday, 16 November 2019

Big Gold Dreams -2


Disc two of Big Gold Dreams - A Story of Scottish Independent Music 1977- 1989 covers the period 1980 to 1882.
After listening to this disc I have come to the conclusion that after Zimbabwe, Scotland is in fact the spiritual home of jingly jangly guitar music.

I missed Edinburgh band Scars at the time first becoming aware of them after watching The Sound of Young Scotland documentary.
In the comments section of my previous post about them some of my esteemed colleagues waxed lyrical about All About You. I can now see why.

I never knew that so many bands had come out of Edinburgh until I got this boxset. I was however aware that Josef K originated from there although they had the good sense to switch from Salt'n' Sauce to Salt'n'Vinegar when they signed to Glasgow's Postcard label. Sorry For Laughing, however, was released on the Belgian Les Disques du Crepescule label.

I've no idea where Everest the Hardway originate from but I now know that they had two bass players one of whom Ian Stoddart went on to join Win with the other Mike Peden joining The Chimes who had abig hit with the awful I Still Haven't Found Who I'm Looking For.

Disc three next week

Scars - All About You

Josek K - Sorry For Laughing

Everest the Hard Way - Tightrope


  1. The jingle-jangle was at a peak in Scotland in this period, wasn't it? Quite wonderful. For me, the pinnacle was the first Aztec Camera album but I'd add Bourgie Bourgie and the very obvious Orange Juice to that list as well. Aussie geniuses, The Go-Betweens also made a record for Postcard, which was very apt.

  2. Isn't referring to the music of Zimbabwe as "jungly jangly guitar music" a bit on the racist side? Or are you going to claim it was a typing errrorr?

  3. There really was something special going on up there in those years in particular - great stuff.

  4. For me, the second disc is when this box set really takes off.

  5. Are there any bands from Dundee on the set?

  6. I'll check when I get a chance.
    The Associates are on it so at the very least Billy Mackenzie features