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Thursday, 28 November 2019

Ragged Glories

In  a fairly unusual move you are getting two songs from 2019 today on CCM.
They both feature on Ragged Glories which comes with the December issue of Mojo so I figure it's alright to give them a blast.
The title and the picture are clues to the theme which is celebrating 50 years of Neil Young and Crazy Horse and the transformational power of electric guitars.
No Neil today though.

We are starting with Still Here Now from the album These Times by The Dream Syndicate on the Anti label. If you are talking top guitarists then Jason Victor is right up there.This is an album that I actually purchased this year and one that I am slowly getting to grips with.

I have nothing by the second act Big Thief but Not from the albumTwo Hands on 4AD is rather tasty.
According to Mojo exceptional guitar fireworks begin at 3:21.

Talking of exceptional guitar fireworks I'm off to listen to Cortez the Killer and Powderfinger.
50 years, eh?

The Dream Syndicate - Still Hear Now

Big Thief - Not


  1. Big Thief, on the evidence of this one track, are well worth further investigation.

  2. It's a candidate for Song Of The Day

  3. ......and, as you might say, the Dream Syndicate is not too shabby either