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Monday, 4 November 2019

Starving Winter Report

I picked up Starving Weather Report the 2nd album by Detroit band Deadstring Brothers (2005: Bloodshot -US, Evangeline - UK) second hand in Missing.
It joins their epoymous 2013 debut album on the shelves. One I got (and got signed) when they put on a stonking show in the old Stereo bar in Glasgow's Kelvinhaugh Street.

It seems that they recorded a further three albums before calling it a day in 2013 with Bloodshot releasing a digital Best of in 2018

Here is some blurb from the Bloodshot website to save me wittering on.
The comparisons with the Stones from the Exile in Main Street era are there for all to see.
An American Primal Scream if you will.
No bad thing as I'm sure you'll agree.

Deadstring Brothers - Lights Go Out

Deadstring Brothers - Takin' Born Blues

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