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Friday 22 November 2019

Rock Billy Boogie

It's a wee while since we have had some Friday rockabilly
I spotted Rock Billy Boogie  by Robert Gordon among the floatsom and jetsom in the most chaotic CD section on the planet namely in BRICC in Ballantrae.
The name rang a vague bell so I took a chance, I vaguely recalled that there may be a connection with Link Wray and I was right as they recorded a record together in 1977.
Rock Billy Boogie is his third album from 1979.
He had been on the go for a few years before that as a member of New York punk band Tuff Darts but as a rocker at heart he took advantage of the Rockabilly revival in the late 70's - Stray Cats, Pole Cats, Shakin' Pyramids etc
Chris Spedding of Motor Bikin' fame is on lead guitar.

I'm off to look out my Black Slacks

Robert Gordon - I Just Found Out

Robert Gordon - Black Slacks

Robert Gordon - I Just Met a Memory


  1. Track 1 is a string contender for Song Of The Day.

  2. ....track 3 is also in the running

  3. Great way to open up Friday night! Cheers. The opening bars of 'I Just Found Out' must be the only example of a Casio based rhythm section in the entire history of Rockabilly and also made me think Frank Sidebottom was on his way.

  4. What a great track - I Just Found Out. Love the stammer induced shock of him being dumped - we've all been there I suppose. I'm not gonna play tracks 2 and 3 because somehow I think they'll detract from my appreciation of the first one. Silly but..... OK later in the week maybe