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Thursday, 7 November 2019

Neon Coast

After yesterday's plethora of music you are just getting the one song today.
The reason ? After listening to Restless  you will want to buy it and the rest of the songs on Neon Coast by A.Wesley Chung for yourself  and you can at bandcamp.

It came out on Glasgow's LP Records in May 2018. I had intended to pick up a vinyl copy at the time but never got round to it. Regretting the error of my ways I liberated a digital download from my Bandcamp wishlist recently.

You could be forgiven for thinking California as opposed to Glasgow when listening to this and that is because Mr Chung is indeed from the Golden State but now rather sensibly resides in The Dear Green Place instead.

Here are some details of the album from For the Rabbits. Don't let the reference to My Morning Jacket put you off. Think Laurel Canyon instead.

He has also recorded as The Great Albatross which is next on my list for checking out

A.Wesley Chung - Restless

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