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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance

The last month or so has seen the doubling of the number of Belle and Sebastian records on the shelves.
Firstly The Life Pursuit was purchased in St Andrews. It was fairly swiftly followed by the purchase of Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance in Blairgowrie.
From 2015 on Matador records it is their ninth studio album and the first in five years.
It has more of a dance feel than its predecessors wth the introduction of synthesisers and dance grooves.
I've chosen the two singles from the album.
The frst one The Party Line  reached number 56 in Japan but did not chart elsewhere.
The second Noboday's Empire was somewhat more successful in that it reached number 36 - in Mexico.

As I said when posting The Life Pursuit it is somewhat better that I thought it might be given that the bands profile had slipped somewhat albeit both albums made the top 10 of the UK album charts - TlP reaching number 8 with GIPWTD peaking aaone place below at 9.

Belle and Sebastian - The Party Line

Belle and Sebastian - Nobody's Empire


  1. Is this filed in the pleasantly non-descript section of your collection?

  2. Dammed with faint praise there George

    1. ........I was also wondering if sat next to Goldfrapp in the same section.

    2. Even if I had such a section there would be a few entries between Band G

  3. You're playing with fire there George. I seem to recall B&S fans are renowned for being fiercely protective if they feel their heroes are being traduced and then mount severe reprisals against naysayers. I seem to remember they employed sophisticated aggressive voting campaigns to ensure their blue-eyed favourites finished as high up as possible in polls such as Peel's Festive 50 and others. Their earlier albums and have a clutch of killer pop songs CC which I urge you to snap up when you can.

  4. I loved The Life Pursuit but was distinctly underwhelmed by this one. This year's offering (can't remember what it's called and am stuck at z 6 year old's birthday party at the moment so can't even research it properly) is distinct step up on this.