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Saturday, 9 November 2019

Big Gold Dreams - 1


I got Big Gold Dreams - A Story of Scottish Independant Music 1977 -1989 for my birthday.
A Cherry Red 5 CD Boxset with a stonking 115 songs.
It's not really something you can tackle in a oner and I have found myself dipping in and out of it since then.
Being a generous guy I've decided to share a bit of it with  you over the next few weeks.
The discs are chronilogical and given that disc 1 is from 1977 to 1980 it is easily the most punky of the bunch.

And who can be more punky than the Rezillos?
A band formed at Edinburgh College of Art . Here is I Can't Stand My Baby which is the first song on the box set and which preceded Top of the Pops the song that shot them to fame.

I instantly recognised The Shape of Things to Come despite it not having crossed my rader very often in the 40 years since it was first released. Even if you had offered me a large sum of money I couldn't have told you that it was by The Headboys who were another Edinburgh band.

The final offering is by yet another Edinburgh band TV21. This is totally coincidental given that I chose the songs and then started reading the blurb in the boxset to populate this post.. Named after a Gerry Anderson comic another impressive piece of trivia is that guitarist Ally Palmer is responsible for  curating the Scottish football magazine Nutmeg.

Disc 2 next week.

The Revillos - I Can't Stand My Baby (Sensible Version)

The Headboys - Shape of Things to Come

TV21 - Playing With Fire


  1. This is a compilation of tunes that I would love to get hold of one day. Cherry Red are doing a great job with their box sets. Scotland produced so much great music in the late 70's and early 80's. Yours, Rickety Rackety, the blogger formerly known as Singing Bear.

    1. Good to hear from you again sir.
      Hope all is well with you

    2. Just trying to resurface...slowly...looking forward to more of your stuff.

  2. I remember dogging school and queuing up for tickets for the Stranglers at the Glasgow Apollo and then buying that Rezillos single in a wee shop across the road whose name I forget.

    The Rezillos were the support act for the Stranglers and were of course anything but a real drag.


  3. Ok, so somewhere along the line I missed your you may have gathered from some comments on older posts, I've been frantically scrolling to try and find mention of it. What the heck, here will do. So: belatedly, Happy Birthday Stevie, all power to your elbow sir!

    1. End of July Jez
      So you are excused from missing it!

  4. By far the best of these city/regional boxes by Cherry Red. Just the right mix of the obscure/never heard songs with those old favorites that make your neck of the woods so special.