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Sunday, 20 October 2019

Trojan Lovers 2

Yesterday Tamla Motown yesterday and Trojan Records today! And both purchased in the same St Andrew's charity shop.
Two Ruffins yesterday and two Andys on today's vist to the Trojan Lovers Box Set. In this case hoiwvever they are not related.
Horace Andy , when went on to perform with Massive Attack, was born Horace Hines whereas Bob Andy is actually officially  Keith Anderson.
Even Susan Cadogan gets in on the act as her given name is Alison Anne Cadogan.She worked as a librarian when she wasn't chucking out reggae numbers.
Here she provides the Mandatory Reggae Version (© Ernie Goggins from his Single Song Sunday series) with her version of the much covered Fever which was originally recorded by Little Willie John

The third and final instlment next Sunday.

Horace Andy - Riding For a Fall

Bob Andy - One Woman

Susan Cadogan - Fever


  1. You seem to be on a bit of a roll of good charity shop purchases. Any chance of a series of terrible purchases that are going back?

  2. Excellent stuff, CC, and thank you for acknowledging copyright. I have told my lawyers not to send the letter (or maybe send it but don't sign it and then send another letter saying ignore the first one, which is apparently what grown-ups do these days).

    I haven't done Fever yet but as you say there are plenty of versions out there - I will look into it!