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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Boy Wonder in Dreamland

I'd picked up Grandaddy on Friday in my local charity shop and decided to pop in again on Saturday on the off chance. Good job too as I picked up Dreamland by Aztec Camera which was not on their shelves the day before.
Aztec Camera's 5th album from 1993 ten years after the release of their mighty debut album High Land Hard Rain.
It is not one that I was familiar with other than the track Spanish Horses which has features elsewhere on the blogosphere on a few occasions.
Produced by Robbie Frame and Ryuichi Sakamoto it was released to mixed reviews. For what it's worth I quite like it on the first listen.I'd be interested to hear what others think.

Aztec Camera - Birds

Aztec Camera -Spanish Horses.


  1. It's a consistently good album apart from the two you have listed other highlights are Black Lucia and the Belle of The Ball. I also love Sister Ann once the intro with that horrible synth sound is over.

  2. Two fine pickups this week, CC. I can see why the reviews were mixed on this one. Has that adult-contemporary sound of the era, but I like it anyway.

  3. For some reason I always conflate Aztec Camera with Prefab Sprout - my addled brain I suppose. I've memories of seeing both back in the 80s but shish it was such a long time ago. Always felt both were rather 'writerly' 'muso' bands but as always I should do them both the respect of listening again, this time properly!