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Monday 19 March 2018


I was pretty chuffed the other day to pick up Sumday the 2003 third album by Grandaddy for 50p in my local charity shop.
My introduction to Grandaddy was The Broken Down Comfort Collection a compilation of some of their early stuff.
It probably put me off them for a bit and it was not until about 18 months ago that I picked up The Sophtware Slump which was much more to my taste.
On the first listen Sumday, which is the follow up  to that one, sounds even better.
It looks like there are a further three for me to explore including last year's Last Place.

Late to the party but enjoying what I am hearing.Lovely cover too.

Grandaddy - El Caminos in the West

Grandaddy - Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake


  1. Sumday is my favourite of their albums.

  2. A really good album. My second-fave Grandaddy album, though it's a close-run thing between the top four...

  3. Just checked, no Grandaddy albums in the Music Room. It'll be staying that way

  4. Grandaddy were one of a kind. 'Comforter' would have been a weird place to start as it compiled a lot of early, less-refined stuff. Under the Western Freeway is where it really begins, although the band arguably peaked with Sumday. You picked my favorite 2 tracks from that LP. They were terrific live, too. I once saw them at the Troubadour here in LA and a bearded little hobbit got on stage that turned out to be Elliott Smith! They reformed recently but not sure what the band's plans are as the bassist died of a stroke last year at only 41.