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Thursday 8 March 2018

Country Rides Again

It's funny how one song often leads to another.
When filing Josh Rouse away Caitlin Rose was in close proximity and I thought that I would give her album Own Side Now a spin.
The first song had me immediately thinking of the brilliant Jonathan Goes Country..From there I was off to the plains of Texas and some Tex Mex courtesy of Patricia Vonne.

Further coincidences - the three songs featured are the first tracks on their respective albums.
Not content with appearing on three songs featuring horses Caitlin Rose has previously appeared on three songs featuring rabbits.
I think I'll stop there.

Caitlin Rose -Learning to Ride

Jonathan Richman - Since She Started to Ride

Patricia Vonne - Joe's Gone Ridin'


  1. ....didn't there used to be a music blog with rabbit in the title?

    1. That vaguely rings a bell.
      A right load of old tosh as I recall!

  2. Jonathan just doesn't disappoint. His Boston accent on this pure Bakersfield tune is AWESOME.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Big JR fan but first time I've heard anything from that album, it sounded great. He never disappoints. Incidentally, that pic you posted looks like the horse I backed at Carlisle the other day. It's still running!