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Monday, 5 March 2018

Road to Hell

Back to work today after two snow days, an annual leave and the week end.
These songs seem somewhat appropriate.
Mrs CC came in with this album the other day the one which saw Chris Rea moving from a respected blues musician to an artist with an international profile.
Fair play to him in that he never let success go to his head and was quite happy doing what he felt like doing.
Sadly his health has deteriorated in the last couple of years and in December he was taken to hospital after collapsing on stage in Oxford.

I'm sure we all wish him a speedy recovery. One of the good guys and true to his Middlesborough roots.

Chris Rea - The Road to Hell (Part 1)

Chris Rea - The Road to Hell (Part 2)


  1. I can't claim to have ever been a massive fan of his music, but my goodness what a force of nature Chris Rea is. He had his pancreas, part of his duodenum, bile duct, and gall bladder removed as long ago as 2001, following a diagnoses of pancreatic cancer, has subsequently endured several further major operations and has to imbibe a daily cocktail of medications to firm up his immune system and ward off diabetes. He also suffered a stroke in 2016. Throughout it all, he continued to record and tour. I salute you Mr Rea and sincerely hope that you beat this latest assault on your fragile health.

    1. Thanks for this medical summary Dr Swede.
      Confirms what a trooper he is.

  2. First heard of Chris Rea when a mate started raving about "Fool (If You Think It's Over)". That was about 40 years ago. Over the years I bought a few of his singles, but never albums. There were songs like ""Let's Dance" & "On The Beach" that I really liked. Sorry to hear he's been in hospital. He's one of those artists whose music I lost touch with over the years.

  3. Josephine is the one that does it for me, great track. As is Fool If You Think It’s Over.

  4. Years ago a friend of Mr SDS was at home with his parents; he came downstairs to find them watching Chris Rea in concert on TV. "Why are you watching this? I didn't know you liked Chris Rea!" he said.
    "We're waiting for him to do 'Lady In Red'" his mum replied.

  5. Sniffed at in certain music corners, but I love a lot of Chris Rea's back catalogue, particularly this album. Great voice, great guitarist. I hope he gets back in the game soon.