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Monday, 26 March 2018

Big Sensations

He's back!
I've returned refreshed from my period of R&R ready and raring to go.
A few new purchases to subject you to. Nothing startling but a fairly eclectic mixed bag which hopefully  therein you will all find something  to enjoy
I'm going to post them in a chronological order from when purchased which is as good a way as any.

First up is the only non-charity purchase. Big Sensations is the latest offer from Mojo magazine purchased in Girvan. As a rule I only buy Mojo or Uncut these days for holiday reading.They are a bit ahead of themselves as this CD is listed as from May 2018.
According to the blurb we have 15 Floor Fillers of Maximum R& B 45s from the Dawn of Mod.
That period in the early 60s when jazz influences were still strong but where American R&B was gradually establishing a foot hold.
I've gone for Juanita Nixon with her 1960 number Stop Knockin' on the King Record Label. Attributed as the B side to the A side of Let Me Be Free the original will set you back by about 85 quid according to Discogs.
Chicago based McKinley "Soul" Mitchell's 1962 single The Town I Live In on the One-Derful label is altogether more accessible and cheaper to obtain.

Juanita Nixon - Stop Knockin'

McKinley "Soul" Mitchell -The Town I Live In


  1. I played McKinley Mitchell first - pretty good; Juanita Nixon very very good.

  2. Welcome back!

    Wasn't too impressed with the McKinley Mitchell track but Juanita Nixon was great.

  3. Good to hear you are refreshed after your break - Like G & G I too prefer the Juanita track. Wonder what you've bagged on this trip - Time will tell.

  4. Welcome back.

    I'll be interested to see what you've got as I haven't had a decent charity shop haul in ages. In fact, I've all but given up on the charity shops round here as they never seem to have any new CDs in. Took a walk round yesterday and the shelves looked exactly the same as they did 6 months ago. So either nobody's giving CDs to charity shops anymore or the hawks are swooping in at dawn to grab up anything new (the spaces on the shelves suggests the former).

    Liked both of those tracks, but Juanita made me grin with her knockings.

    1. Agreed
      Beginning to see the impact of downloads and streaming.
      CDs on their way to becoming obsolete