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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Sequential Saint Etienne

I stuck on Too Young to Die - the album featuring the early singles of Saint Etienne a week or so ago and thought I should share some of it with you.
On checking the back catalogue to ensure I was not duplicating any tracks I was quite surprised to notice that they have appeared on these pages once  a year since 2013.
Surprised given that I would not consider myself a huge fan, I only have two albums and a single of theirs plus I can't say that I play them all that often.

Time to maintain the sequence though.

Saint Etienne - Kiss And Make Up

Saint Etienne - People Get Real


  1. I knew the band's name but not their music. Kiss And Make Up was a bit too plodding for my tastes but "People Get Real" was good old frothy fun pop.

  2. Saint Etienne are the band who make me feel alright about getting old!

  3. C has completely summed up my feelings too. Still a really good band to this day.

  4. Kiss and Make Up is much loved record rounds these parts.

  5. Truth by the bucketful in these comments today.

  6. Saint Etienne CDs are always affordably cheap in the shops I frequent. They're one of those bands I always think I like and yet when I listen to 'em I question why. They had that impeccable start to their career when they covered Only Love Can Break Your Heart. I love reading Bob Stanley's columns/articles, he knows what he's talking about (mainly pop chart stufff 'n soul). Sarah Cracknell is just lovely and her/their seductive cover of La Poupee on an early Later will always keep them high profile in my mind if only to ultimately disappoint.