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Wednesday 14 March 2018

Songs From Ohio

Yet another early album by yet another Americana artist who subsequently yet again completely slipped off my radar shortly thereafter.

Apologies if this music is not to your taste and for the lack of variety recently but I am short on time and on inspiration at the moment.
Today's offering is Rehearsals For Departure the second album  by Damien Jurado from 1999 on the Sub Pop label
There are another 15  of his out there should I or you get the urge.

He's actually from Seattle but Ohio had a nice ring to it.

Damien Jurado - Ohio

Damien Jurado -Letters & Drawings


  1. Damien's still making great albums. 'Maraqopa', 'Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son' and 'Visions of Us on the Land' were all produced by Richard Swift and are all well worth checking out.

  2. Can I suggest on the days you are "short on time and inspiration" that you take a day off? I've noticed lately among bloggers on my feed that they simply *must* post something *every* day. Why?
    And please don't take offence, but as a fellow writer I like to know the thought process of others. J

    1. You are of course perfectly correct John.
      For the most part I thrive on the challenge, the discipline and the mental challenge of the daily post.
      Conversely on occasions it can weigh heavily on the mind

    2. I've done hundreds of newsletters, 'pieces', amateurish cartoony card designs, one off this 'n' thats down the years so I'm with you x100 on this 'short on time and inspiration' thing BUT until you'd mentioned it just now it hasn't come across in any of your posts. Maybe I'm just a bit dim though ha ha! Perhaps John Medd has a point, take a day off - say 3rd August 2018?