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Friday, 16 March 2018

Derry on the Telly

I don't know if any of you saw the comedy series Derry Girls on Channel 4 recently.
Set in the 1990's and featuring a group of Catholic school girls (and an English boy  being taught in a girl's school for his own safety) navigating life in Derry during the Troubles. It's well worth a watch.

Tonight it is the turn of the Derry Boys as Feargal Sharkey, John and Damian O'Neill, Michael Bradley and Billy Doherty collectively know as The Undertones feature on the  regular Friday night BBC4 music slot.
Again it should be well worth a watch.

The Undertones - Here Comes the Summer

The Undertones - Get Over You


  1. Will be watching CC? I thought Feargal Sharkey's name was mud in music blogging circles.

    Was alerted to Derry Girls by Mark over at So It Goes... - Very funny.

  2. I enjoyed "Derry Girls". Thought it a bit similar in style to "Moone Boy" which Chris O'Dowd did a few years back with the amazing David Rawle as schoolboy Martin Moone. But "Derry Girls" is more grown up - if any of that makes sense?

    1. Given the brilliance of the Undertones I will be watching albeit with gritted teeth

  3. Derry Girls was very funny Already looking forward to series 2.