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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Covered By Cash - Pocahontas

It's the final countdown and would you believe it it has gone right down to the wire.

Accusations of subterfuge were flying around after Johnny was pitched against Sheryl Crow scoring a decisive victory with his interpretation of Redemption Day  making the score Cash 9 the Rest 9.
In my defense Sheryl was originally scheduled to be before Steve Earle which would have resulted in the same score but in a different order.

I was considering pitching Johnny against Soundgarden this week with their respective versions of Rusty Cage but I figured that would be too easy.
So he is up against Neil Young. I've decided not to go with Heart of Gold as I think Neil would win easily.
Instead I've gone for Pocahontas as I feel this will be a lot closer.
Mr Young may feature in a similar cover series further down the line.

Two excellent versions. I guess it boils down to whose voice you like best or which you dislike least.
I'm going for the Man in Black. However had I chosen the version from Unplugged as opposed to Rust Never Sleeps my decision may well have been different.
Your last chance to concur or disagree.
Next one the winner.

Johnny Cash - Pocohontas

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Pocahontas


  1. Johnny Cash's deep sonorous delivery is tremendous here. So it's Johnny Cash. And this has been a great series. Looking forward to the next one

  2. It has to be Neil and the Horse.

  3. Hadn't heard this song before but sorry, it's Neil for me too - His style seems more fitting somehow.

  4. Neil this time, but I'd rather vote for Elizabeth Warren.

  5. JTFL gets comment of the day.

    Neil for me too.

  6. Sorry, Johnny. This one goes to Mr. Young, I'm afraid.

  7. Still not looking good for Johnny. Neil for me too....

  8. Forgotten how much I like this song (Neil's version, nothing against Johnny's but Neil's is the one I know). So thanks for reacquainting me.