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Friday, 31 March 2017

The Great Eastern

Glaswegians of a certain vintage will remember The Great Eastern a notorious common lodging house or hostel that used to stand at the High Street end of Duke Street. It has since been converted into flats.
Hopefully the  former residents have found more suitable accommodation.
The Great Eastern is also the third album by The Delgados from 2000 released on Chemikal Underground and until my recent trip tp Ballantrae was one of the two missing pieces of my Delgados jigsaw the other being Peloton.
I think that No Danger just might be my new favourite Delgados song.
Another great record from a consistently great and sadly missed band.

The Delgados - Accused of Stealing

The Delgados - No Danger


  1. Two toptastic tunes, CC. TOPTASTIC.

  2. Was listening to The Great Eastern and Hate the other night, very good lps and was contemplating posting All You Need is Hate again.

  3. A very under-rated band. Never released a bad track.


  4. Just purchased Great Eastern and Hate. 26pence.

    1. Bloody hell - bargain of the century!
      Two terrific albums

    2. I've just checked, it was 25p not 26p

    3. Shouldn't you be counting paperclips???????

  5. Congratulations, CC. Such a terrific album.

  6. I haven't yet delved into The Delgados. Nice find on No Danger, has a haunting melody. Emma Pollock's solo last year had a few good songs, especially "Intermission"

  7. The most important band ever to have emerged from the Glasgow area, in part for their music but mostly for their legacy via Chemikal Underground.

    The Great Eastern is a masterpiece that improves with age.

    Sadly, as it has become my very good fortune to get to know the band members in recent years thanks to a professional (non-musical) connection, I know for certain they will never get back and reform for a final nostalgic tour. At least we still have Emma playing live these days...

  8. Hadn't known about the derivation of The Great Eastern. First became aware of them via their Under Canvas Under Wraps which got into Peel's Festive 50 top ten, I've just listened to it again and.... well, there must have been some fan vote manipulation going on is all I can think! Pull The Wires From The Wall was the killer song that got them fame. Somehow it appeared in Peel's Festive 50 two years running. Time I played Peloton again I think.