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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Darnation It's Tarnation

Golden Eagle the debut album by the recently featured Holly Macve  was handed in on Saturday by our neighbour who had been given it by the postie when we weren't in  thus saving me a trip to the sorting office.
Fist impressions from me are very positive although George who also bought it seems less enthusiastic.

We both agree however that Holly has obviously spend time listening to the brilliant Paula Frazer and Tarnation albeit Ms Macve's voice is not quite as strong as Ms Frazer's (few, if any, are)
This led me to digging out Gentle Creatures by said band for your listening pleasure.
Older readers, and by that I mean those of you who have been visiting these pages for a while, will remember that Tarnation are the only band that I've never seen twice - here and here

Tarnation - Two Wrongs Won't Make Things Right

Tarnation - Do You Fancy Me

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  1. I'm enjoying Holly's album a great deal, though the same can't be said for Mrs S unfortunately. I guess it's a style of singing you either love or hate and Mrs S is firmly in the latter category. I was inspired to dig out some Tarnation tunes myself after seeing Holly live last year and I've done so again this week. Terrific stuff.