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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Burnt Offerings 12

Some Blues to kick start Burnt Offerings 12
The splendidly attired chap above is none other than J.B.Lenoir who had a penchant for social commentary as well as zebra suits.
His 1954 song Eisenhower Blues was controversial at the time leading to Al Benson the head of Parrot Records taking him back to the studio to re-record it as the more generic Taxpayers Blues.

J.B. Lenoir - Eisenhower Blues

From Chicago Blues to Liverpudlian Americana with The Good Intentions  the husband  and wife team of  R Peter Davis and Gabrielle Monk (and previously Frank Roskell as well)  voted the Best Americana Band at the British Country Music Awards in 2011.
Not content to having a song called Neil Young they have also recorded You Love Jimmie Rodgers and She's in a George Jones Mood

The Good Intentions - Neil Young

Last but certainly not least we head back across the pond to Virginia for a rendezvous with Thao Nguyen sometimes known just as Thao and also with her band as Thao & the Get Down Stay Down 
She has also collaborated with Mirah Yom Tom Zeitlyn as Thao & Mirah
Here is some of her country -tinged indie folk-pop (I think that's most of the bases covered)

Thao Nguyen - We

A baker's dozen's worth of nonsense next week


  1. That country-indie-folk-pop tune is one of the better ones of that genre.

    1. There are a couple of her songs in the BO collection
      Probably worthy of further exploration

  2. I want J.B. Lenoir's jacket!

  3. The Good Intentions just went on my list.