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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Nostalgia - It Ain't What it Used to Be

Another keeper from my recent windfall is The Ultimate Collection by the Kinks.
I've posted some of their 60's stuff before from a vinyl compilation to great acclaim.
It was released however before 1982's Come Dancing their first UK top 20 hit in 11 years.
Written by Ray Davis in memory of his sister Rene who died of a heart attack while dancing at a dance hall.
On the back of this hit the followed up with Don't Forget to Dance which was not nearly so successful.

Ray has recently been knighted so arise Sir Ray. This begs the question. What about the rest of Muswell Hill's finest. Why not Sir Dave and indeed Sir Pete and Sir Mick?

The Kinks - Come Dancing

The Kinks - Don't Forget to Dance


  1. I remember Come Dancing well as we were on holiday in Polperro the summer it was released and a Modette girl From Bristol I was hanging about with kept singing it

  2. Come Dancing was the last Kinks single I remember buying. A good song, but has sonically dated more than their sixties stuff.

  3. Come Dancing was the first Kinks record I owned. I loved it.

  4. Pete Quaife passed away, not sure someone who's deceased can be knighted...

  5. Come Dancing was the first Kinks song I ever truly loved. The earlier stuff would come later, but for me this conjures up so many childhood memories... I'm sure there'll be a post in it one day.

  6. Not the era I would go to now, but I loved both of these songs at the time.

  7. I 'found' The Kinks from Paul Weller/The Jam. Knew a lot of their 60s/70s stuff from still being played on the radio many years a kid it was songs like Lola and Apeman that I loved and then discovered the majesty of Waterloo Sunset, Days, etc.

    But Come Dancing was the first contemporary record of theirs that I bought and it has a place in my heart for that alone. Still got the 12"...

  8. My absolute love for the Kinks knows no bounds, having said that I'm obviously going to add a few caveats ha ha. Come Dancing's a good song no question but it's way down my list of their favourite songs. The sentiment of the song hits home but for me there's an ineffable naffness about it that I just can't quite overcome.