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Monday 27 March 2017

Concrete Sky

Just back from a few days in Galloway with quick pit stops to the charity shops of Stranraer and the BRICC Thriftshop in Ballantrae.
Slim pickings this time round I'm afraid.
Here is the first of a three for  a pound combo from Ballantrae
Concrete Sky was the second EP released by Beth Orton with the lead track  taken from her 2002 album  Daybreaker.
Co-written with Johnny Marr and featuring vocals by Ryan Adams.
The other track I have selected is called Bobby Gentry - I've no idea why other than it is very pleasant as is Bobby.

Finally here is a picture from Logan Botanical Gardens which features ducks but no concrete sky

Beth Orton - Concrete Sky

Beth Orton - Bobby Gentry


  1. Lovely photo of the botanic gardens but I'm not so keen on the cover of Concrete Sky! I keep thinking I am looking up at someone's rather weird nose from beneath it and they have a strange long moustache.

  2. The song Bobby Gentry is my favourite Beth Orton song, love it.

  3. This line... 'Collecting dead rainbows from puddles and mires
    Taking them home to warm by the fire'... is wonderful.

  4. Did you go to Wigtown? Supposed to be a hell of a place for books.

    1. Not this time Brian but have been there many times before including a trip to the Book Festival