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Friday 24 March 2017

Disco Friday

Recently I've been going through a stage of listening to compilation CD's on my way to and from work.
One day last week I got stuck in some major roadworks on the A725 at the Shawhead Flyover near Coatbridge.
For just over 10 minutes  this song (on a CD of downloads from George) made the interminable journey a lot more bearable.

Burn baby burn! Disco inferno!

The Trammps - Disco Inferno


  1. A FAB D.I.S.C.O. toon - but music lovin' folks should also check out their version of "Hold Back the Night" to reveal how FAB The Trammps really were.

  2. A great tune and one which Stiff and I used to ask Turps, the local dj to play back when were were 16/17. To begin with he thought we were taking the piss but when we kept requesting it week after week he finally got the message and then we didn't need to ask for it anymore. A few months ago on one of my very infrequent nights out I went into the pub where he still djs and he played this and also Another Girl Another Planet without being asked. He did get a pint for his efforts.

    I concurr with FurryBoots Hold Back The Night is a beliter

  3. I caught myself throwing some shapes there. A classic.

  4. Yes it IS really good, isn't it - can completely understand how it made your journey more bearable. But these '70s disco songs sound better to my ears now than they ever did at the time, what's that all about?!

  5. So true, C. Right with you on that comment.

  6. I am transported to Tony Manero's 2001 Odyssey disco in Saturday Night Fever - He certainly knew how to "get down" to this record. Unlike C I really liked all this stuff back in the day, but still like it today! Darling daughter is taking me out on the town tonight as a Mother's Day treat - I am full of trepidation but this track has just got me in the mood.

  7. All of what the previous correspondents have said.