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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Beware of Charlatans

This one?

Or this one?

A couple of weeks ago someone had handed in a pile of Charlatans albums to my local Charity shop.
Like my experience with New Adventures in Hi Fi I made the mistake of not striking while the iron was hot.
By the time I popped in again last week there was only a couple of singles  and a copy of Tellin' Stories left ... or so I thought.
I purchased Tellin' Stories for 50p  but later discovered that whereas it was the Tellin' Stories cover in fact the CD contained therein was in fact their previous number The Charlatans.
Somewhere on the South Side someone else has Tellin' Stories in the wrong box.

As I've mentioned  before I am pretty late to the Charlatans party so don't know whether I've got the best part of the deal. Perhaps some of you out there can enlighten me
In any case I'm quite enjoying it particularly these two tracks


  1. A big pile of my Charlatans CDs came from a charity shop. I did strike while the iron was hot. Of the two albums, I prefer Tellin' Stories, but that's the one I actually remember buying when it came out (or, because I was working in the record library at the time, I probably took home a promo copy... same thing).

  2. I struck while the iron was hot - I bought all of the Charlatans' albums when they came out. But then I am a bit of a fan boy... The self-titled one is one of their best. I prefer it to Tellin' Stories if I'm being honest.

    If you come across Wonderland, pick it up - that's an absolute belter. Also the latest album Modern Nature is very, very good.

  3. I prefer Tellin' Stories to TC but that's not to say TC is a bad album, far from it. And Robster's right about Modern Nature.

  4. I've got the majority of their albums, though for some reason 'Wonderland' passed me by - must rectify that. 'Modern Nature' really is an outstanding LP.

  5. I joined them a bit later around the time of Us And Us Only which you should beg, steal or borrow just to hear Impossible (so Dylan as to be untrue) and My Beautiful Friend.

  6. I'm totally with Spence on this one; whilst pretty much every album has several highlights, "Us and Us Only" is the career highlight for me. Jez.

  7. If you ever see Tim Burgess's autobiography 'Telling Stories' while on your rounds then do not hesitate to purchase it there and then. One of the better of the genre from the 90s hit brigade (do not buy Tom Hegley's (ex Inspiral Carpets) as its just a whinge-fest)