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Thursday 23 March 2017

Some Twisted Portuguese Post Punk Garage

A guest contribution from George our Portuguese Canine Flatulence Correspondent

Have you ever been woken by the smell of a dog’s fart? No? Well, I have. I’m lying there, slowly aware of this all encompassing smell, it’s clinging to the sheets and duvet, MAN ALIVE what have those dogs been eating????? (offal, rice, chicken fat, the occasional cat shit, as you ask).
I was relating this to a friend here, but did not know the Portuguese for fart, so I had to say “there was a bad smell from the bottom of the dog” (há um cheiro muito mau de rabo do cão – this was as close as I could get, but I learnt that I could have said “houve um peido do cão com o muito cheiro”)

I have no idea if today’s featured artists have written a song about the above topic. Track 6 from the album Stranded Downtown by The Twist Connection could be, but I doubt it. And of course, you’re not getting track 6 but track 2, Nite Shift. The album is available on Bandcamp for about 5 euros.  There is a connection to the previously featured A Jigsaw, both bands are from Coimbra (a city about half-way between Lisbon and Porto), A Jigsaw seemed to have helped produce Stranded Downtown, but there are no musical similarities, The Twist Connection have a sort of post-punk / garage sound.  Having played today’s track you might think my description is lacking.

Now buy the album.
And on this day in 1944 one Tony McPhee was born, founding member of late 60s/70s british blues-rock band The Groundhogs. This song was number the Lebanon

Enjoy the music.


  1. Genius. One of the best things I have read and heard all month. Thanks guys.

    1. GUYS? GUYS?????? All my own work!! Glad you like the track

  2. I think he could be ready for a comeback
    Keep pestering him!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Flatulence and musical birthdays. Yep, George is back. Woo-hoo!

  5. I like this a lot, thanks George. Like a kind of Portuguese Spring King (must be a singing drummer thing). And now I know the Portuguese for "there was a bad smell from the bottom of the dog" and you just never know when that's going to come in handy.
    Pester pester...