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Monday 6 March 2017

Recovery EP 1

RM Hubbert, more commonly known as Hubby, is a Scottish acoustic guitar player and occasional singer from the Chemikal Underground stable whose album Thirteen Lost and Found won the 2013 Scottish Album of the Year (SAY) award
Sadly Hubby suffers from mental health issues and is currently struggling to support himself and his work following a recent spell in hospital.
To help support him through this difficult period you are encouraged to visit Bandcamp here where you can purchase the above EP which was the best selling item on Bandcamp last week.

Here is Hubby with Jo Mango  on a track from Wracklines  an EP released in January 2015 to support the charity Creative Carbon Scotland another one you should probably have

RM Hubbert and Jo Mango - Sustain

1 comment:

  1. Again....I thought I'd said this earlier.

    Lovely touch CC to highlight the Bandcamp thing that Hubby has put out.

    I know he put so much into his new album last year, 'Telling The Trees' and sadly, it hasn't sold all that well and I've a feeling that's been a huge factor in the decline of his health.

    There has been a great reaction to the Bandcamp stuff and hopefully it will help get the big man back on his feet and performing live again. He's a great talent.