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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Burnt Offerings 8

This weeks Volume 8 sees us now a quarter of the way through the Burnt Offerings series.It'll be over before you know it.
Let's crack on with the first artist Josh Rouse one I am surprised hasn't featured before given there is stuff from him on the shelves.Originally from Nebraska he is now based in Spain. The featured song It Looks Like Love is taken from Subtitulo his sixth studio album released in 2006 on the Nettwerk Records label

Josh Rouse - It Looks Like Love

The next artist George Thorogood  has with his band the Destroyers been on the go for what seems like forever playing  high energy boogie blues and is another who features on the shelves. Homesick Boy is taken from their 1977 self titled debt album - the first of many
Who could fail to like the man who wrote  If You Don't Start Drinkin' (I'm Gonna Leave)?

George Thorogood & the Destroyers - Homesick Boy

And finally the only one of this weeks acts who do not appear elsewhere  in the Muso room New York indie rock band Stellastarr*
Here is the 2006 single Sweet Troubled Soul from the album Harmonies for the Haunted.
I don't know about you but I am hearing a little Psychedelic Furs, a little Franz Ferdinand and a whole  lot of Ian McNabb.

Stellastarr* - Sweet Troubled Soul

More assorted nonsense next week


  1. All good. I've got a few Josh Rouse albums, and while he never knocks me socks off, he always manage to deliver some decent tunes. Always good to hear a bit of George Thorogood too.

    The only one I didn't know was Stellastarr* (is the asterisk essential?). Yeah, Franz Ferdinand called, they want their guitars back.

    1. I feel the same about Josh and to a lesser extent the other Josh - Mr Ritter
      I too could live without the asterisk but if a squiggle is good enough for Prince .....

    2. Weirdly, on my weekly lunchtime haul round the charity shops of Barnsley* today, I picked up a Stellastarr* CD in a 3 for a quid offer. I might have ignored it before today.

      *I work there. I don't live there.

  2. Spooky -that sounds like the kind of price I would go for as well
    As a matter of interest what were the other two

    Stellastarr* - big in Barnsley

    1. Plan B - Ill Manors and a band called Forever The Sickest Kids who I've never heard of but the cover looked all right.

      I did better in the next shop (I think the charity shops in Barnsley are getting competitive) - 5 for a quid... The Black Keys, Alabama 3, The Mavericks, Train and Velvet Revolver.

      Not listened to any of them yet though. (And to be fair, most weeks I come away with zip.)

    2. An interesting and eclectic selection.
      Looking forward to them featuring at your place in due course

  3. Nice to hear a little bit of later Josh Rouse. I know his first few albums, but lost track of him after that.
    After all my moans about the local charity shops being inferior to your ones, I actually picked up four CD's yesterday at a quid a piece - four! I also bagged a copy of 'Megatop Phoenix' by Big Audio Dynamite on LP in excellent condition for £3. My best haul in living memory.

  4. I'm with Rol on what he said about Josh Rouse.

    Didn't know Stellastar* were from NYC. I've a single of theirs that was a hit a few years ago. Will put it up at my place soon(ish)