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Tuesday 14 March 2017

Nancy and Friends

Alyson at the recently revamped What's It All About recently put up a post featuring Nancy Sinatra.
This lead to me looking out  and listening to some of her stuff . I was going to do a post but never got round to it.
On Sunday morning Mrs CC put some Nancy on. This finally spurred me into action.
In addition to her solo stuff she also participated in a number of duets.
So here she is with her old man, with fellow Rat Packer and Little Old Wine Drinker Dean Martin and best of all with the great Lee Hazlewood.

Nancy and Frank Sinatra - Something Stupid

Nancy Sinatra and Dean Martin -Things

Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood - Did You Ever


  1. The Nancy & Lee albums are excellent.

    1. Couldn't agree more, Rol. As singles go, apart from "Boots", I'm rather partial to their "Summer Wine."

    2. Thanks for the tunes, CC! You were right - was able to listen on gdrive again.

  2. Lee Hazlewood's catalogue is vast, deep and something that I've so far only scratched the surface of.
    The lyric of 'Things' is a long time favourite, but the tune is too jaunty, particularly in the case of Dino & Nancy's version . I've often wondered what Nick Cave might have made of the song circa 'Kicking Against the Pricks'.

  3. Some Velvet Morning is one of my favourite songs of all time. And Nancy also recorded the best ever Bond theme although she's probably always gonna be best remembered for These Boots Are Made For walking, a song I remember from parties as a kid and have never liked.


  4. Oh lovely - Nancy is my current girl crush and I really only discovered Sugar Town when I went back and looked at your first posts from 2012 (5 years of blogging now!). Since everyone piled in with comments about her duets with Lee I did a big of investigating and now just love them. Some Velvet Morning was C's recommendation - think I read somewhere that it was psychedelic country.

  5. Fantastic, CC. And I just love Nancy & Lee! An unbeatable combination. So glad you like these duets too, Alyson, SVM is great isn't it? Also love Lee on his own. (Men with deep voices - my weakness. Well, one of them.)

  6. I love Lee. I love Nancy. I love Nancy and Lee.

  7. I love Sand and also when in the right mood Elusive Dreams. Her eponymous album from 2004 is also excellent.
    By the way, she follows me on Twitter.

  8. Forgot to thank you earlier for the mention - I know we do it primarily for ourselves but it's nice when we have an interesting drop-by and a sudden spike in views!

    Oh, and a lot of love for Nancy I see.