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Monday 13 March 2017

Dig Thy Savage Soul


or Barrence
On my way to work on Friday I was faced with a stark choice for my listening pleasure.
Should I listen to an interview on the radio with Willie Rennie the leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats or stick on Dig Thy Savage Soul by Barrence Whitfield & the Savages.
A decision that took me half a nano-second before opting for Barrence.
In reality there was only going to be one winner.
Not only is he the better singer he still has far more than the slither of credibility that Willie has and would I suspect be more fun on a night out.
Take it away Barrence!
This'll set you up for a Monday morning.

Barrence Whitfield & the Savages - My Baby Didn't Come Home

Barrence Whitfield & the Savages -Show Me Baby


  1. Weird, CC - I've previously been able to listen to tracks via google drive, but today, for the first time, it's telling me my browser (firefox) is unable to play them. Boo hoo! Anybody else had a problem recently?

    1. Probably a one off Marie
      This was already in my PC downloaded under an older format
      Normal service should be resumed tomorrow

    2. I can't play them (on the Opera browser). Is it because they are wma files? Not that I need to play them as I have the album.

  2. Willie Rennie is a total fud isn't he.

    1. Yup
      He was the one who came out the worst ( apart from Cockburn who doesn't count) in the Gary Tank Commander pre election interviews

    2. Is Willie Rennie any relation to former St Johnstoine and Dundee United footballer Alex Rennie?

    3. Only if he too was a fud
      wma files - that's the chappie

    4. Just dropped in to mention the Gary Tank Commander interviews last year but see you've already mentioned them - Funniest thing on the Scottish Election campaign trail last year.

  3. Ah yes, the curse of the wma files. A lot of my collection is on those bloody things so if I ever want to sling anything onto g drive, I have to convert them to mp3. It's a pain in the Bono.