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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Burnt Offerings 10

That's us up to double figures now and nearly a third of the way through this series. Thank goodness for that, I hear you cry.
The first act have featured before but not in their own right so therefore meet the criteria.
The Watson Twins (Leigh and Chandra) were born in Tulsa, Oklahoma raised in Loiusville, Kentucky and now stay in Los Angeles.
They have appeared her before with songs from Rabbit Fur Coat their collaboration with Jenny Lewis and I once saw them perform with her.
They have also had a number of records in their own right and Shoot the Lights Out is taken from their 2006 album Southern Manners

The Watson Twins - Shoot The Lights out

The Concretes are an eight piece indie band from Stockholm, Sweden fronted by Maria Eriksson.
They have a number of very good songs in their own right but the one on BO10 is a cover of the Rolling Stones number Miss You  a track from their 2004 single Say Something New.
They also did a cover version of Take That's Back For Good which I've not heard but which I suspect will be better than the original.

The Concretes - Miss You

We started in Los Angeles, popped over to Stockholm and finish this week's odyssey in County Durham.
The Lavender Faction were a band from the early 90's  that never really made it  and never actually produced an album.
However they seem to have developed a somewhat cult following with Jigsaw Records giving us an anthology Taking Down the Walls in 2014 which is available on Bandcamp  and which is described as a sludgefest (which is good I think).

The lavender Faction - In My Mind

Volume 11 next week.


  1. Big fan of Jenny Lewis, so I've got a lot of time for the Watson Twins. I thought it might be the Richard Thompson song at first, but obviously not. Nice harmonies.

    I was also a big fan of The Concretes back in the day and yes, their version of Back For Good is excellent.

    After those two ear-comforters, the Lavendar Faction made quite a racket, but not in an entirely unpleasant way. Very early 90s. (I'm still coming to terms with the idea that this means it's a quarter of a century ago.)

  2. Three out of three this week CC. The Lavender Faction certainly blew the cobwebs away after the first two tunes.

  3. That tune by the Lavender Faction is excellent. Never heard of them before.

    As cover versions go, The Concretes hit the spot. Incidentally, their cover of 'Back For Good' is OK but not in the class of the effort by The Wedding Present.

    Only know The Watson Twins from that rather excellent Jenny Lewis LP. Song you've posted is nae bad.

  4. I saw the Watson Twins with Jenny Lewis at Mono when they toured Rabbit Fur Coat and they were excellent.

    Also saw the Concretes in Tut's a few times, there was no room on the stage with all of them on it . I thought they lost something when Victoria Bergsmen left.

    Never heard the Lavender Faction before and really like that track. Thanks CC

  5. Liked the Watson Twins track but suspect a full album could be a bit of a chug and although Rabbit Fur Coat has at least 3 killer songs I doubt the twins did more than provide backing vocals, tho' I'm happy to be corrected if anyone knows differently. Listening to The Concretes' Miss You made me think about the point of covers - straight is fine but then that's karaoke surely, albeit professional karaoke and quirky takes sometimes hit the mark yet most are totally off the scale. I think they just about pulled it off. Lavender Faction? Sorry they didn't register with me.