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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Springsteen Covered - Cover Me

I thought I had you last week with Swamp Dogg's cover of Hungry Heart but no the Boss came back strongly to take it reasonable comfortably.
The scores are now The Boss 3 The Rest 1. Like the Scottish Premier League it could be all over by Easter.
People are voting along similar lines each week with less of the fence jumping we had with Dylan. There are clearly more Bruce fans ought there than I first thought and also those who detest everything he does.

A second covers outing for Thea Gilmore who appeared on the Dylan series (she also does good songs of her own) with Cover Me.
Confession time. I did not own Born in the USA so had to acquire it for the purpose of this series.
Probably my least favourite Springsteen album due to the over production and all round ubiquitousness of it.
You couldn't turn on the radio or the telly in 1984 without one of the seven top 10 singles blaring out.

I'm going for Thea. others, of course, may think I'm an April Fool and choose to differ.

Bruce Springsteen - Cover Me

Thea Gilmore - Cover Me


  1. OK. I was waiting for this one. I have much more love for BITUSA than you do (how can you not love Glory Days? Bobby Jean? No Surrender? My Hometown?). That said, Cover Me is the weakest song on the album and I'm a huge Thea Gilmore fan, so...


    No, that's not an April Fool.

    1. Fottunatelt I was sitting on the loo when I read that Rol otherwise I would probably have keeled over

    2. Why doesn't predictive text kick in when you actually need it?!

  2. Of I was expecting to detest the original but it's not nearly as dire as I'd have thought (coming from the same album as the dreadful title track). But it's a vote for Thea Gilmore.

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  4. love most of the songs on Born in The USA but as you say the production means that I will probably opt for anybody's renditions of the songs if the production is different to Bruce's so Thea for me. Have you heard this cover of Going Down from Florence and Kid Harpoon? I love it.

  5. I'll go along with your assessment of 'Born in the USA', though as Rol and Drew indicate, the album does contain a handful of corking songs. Sorry Bruce, Thea gets my vote this week.

  6. I'm going to be very predictable; if I said Bruce you'd know I was fooling - it's Thea for me, by a long way.

  7. A voice in the wilderness here and what do I know but I'm going for Bruce this week. Agree that it was ubiquitous in 1984 and a shame that spoilt it for so many but hadn't heard it in a long time so worked for me.

  8. This version would be great if sung by Nick Cave. But in this case I'll go with Bruce.

  9. Thea, but only because this song marked the End The Reign of Bruce As American Poet Laureate and began his run of okay to decent to poor to forgettable albums. Everything from Greetings to Darkness was amazing and The River had tons of great music, too. BITUSA, on the other hand...

  10. Not a fan of BITUSA at all. Thea does nice work with a song I never liked. Thea it is.