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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Burnt Offerings 14

No Kylie this week but some other cute birds! (I'll get my coat)

First up are The Guillemots. Not our splendid feathered friends featured above but the London BRIT nominated indie rock band formed in 2004 by Fyfe Dangerfield. I hope that is his real name. Here is the rather splendid Who Left The Lights Off, Baby? from their 2006 EP From the Cliffs

The Guillemots - Who Left The Lights Off, Baby?

Back across the pond now to Austin Texas for a bit of indie rock courtesy of Shearwater a band's whose  music is notable for its imagery based in nature, cerebral yet intimate melodic songs (©  Pseud's Corner). Seventy Four, Seventy Five is taken from their 2006 album Palo Santo on Misra Records

Shearwater - Seventy Four, Seventy Five

And we end with The Yahoos apparently once described as the Harlem Globetrotters of Roots Rock and featuring Dan Baird who was the frontman of The Georgia Satellites. Their 2001 debut album Fear Not the Obvious was on the mighty Bloodshot label a personal favourite of mine as I am sure that some of you are aware of. Where's Your Boyfriend At? however comes from their second album in 2006 Put the Hammer Down on Lakeside Lounge Records

The Yahoos - Where's Your Boyfriend At?

I'm guessing  that BO14 was put together in 2006! More nonsense from around about then next week


  1. That name Fyfe Dangerfield rings a bell. I might have an album featuring him, have downloaded something, or maybe it's because I have Burnt Offerings vol 14...........

  2. I loved that first Guillemots album. Saw them live twice they were very strange at the QMU they came on stage marching through the crowd banging a drum and proceeded to be weird. The guitarist Mc Lord Magrao used a powewr drill on his guitar on a lot of the songs. I think Trains to Brazil may have charted on the 2nd attempt.

    Btw his name is Fyfe Anthony Dangerfield Hutchins

  3. Fyfe Dangerfield went solo at one point and had half a hit with a cover of a Billy Joel song, She's Always A Woman, which was featured in an ad. (I liked it, but then I liked the original too.)

    Shearwater are a band I've had on the list for a long time.

    Recently purchased a collection of Dan Baird solo tracks as I was a big Georgia Satellites fan. I may now have to add The Yahoos to the list.

  4. Didn't know Dan Baird had gone on to to do other things but I also loved the Georgia Satellites and saw them live in London a few times, must've been nearly 30 years ago now (oh jeez....) and they were great. Good to be reminded of them. I quite like that Yahoos track.
    Is it just me or does the Guillemots' chorus have a bit of a Kevin Rowland/Dexy's thing going on?

  5. The only Fyfe I remember is Fyfe Robertson!

  6. There is also Fay Fife from The Rezillos!

  7. Love From the Cliffs. I'll be ripping that one when I get to the letter G.

  8. Comrade Colin, who introduced me to blogging, is one of the biggest fans of Shearwater and I've accompanied him to see them a couple of times in Glasgow. Their live shows are notable for melodic songs based in nature that somehow manage to be cerebral yet intimate.

    To be fair, I did enjoy them both times and do recommend the LPs 'Rook' (2008) and 'The Golden Archipelago' (2010) - these were the ones being toured when I caught them live.