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Monday, 3 April 2017

Minnie Driver

In the comments section on Springsteen Covered - Hungry Heart Rol  mentioned that he had a version by English actor Minnie Driver.
I confessed to there being a copy of one of her albums on the shelves. It is 2004's Everything I've Got in my Pocket the first of three albums she has released.
I was blissfully unaware it had Hungry Heart on it which shows how many times I've listened to it.
I don't think it would have trumped The Boss or Swamp Dogg
My verdict on Minnie's music. Pleasant enough and she can certainly hold a tune. Would she have had three albums released had she not been a famous artist? Possibly not.

Minnie Driver - Everything I've Got In My Pocket

Minnie Driver - Hungry Heart


  1. That first track was really very good. I was unimpressed, distinctly unimpressed, with track 2.

  2. Agreed
    The first one is the only one on the album which stands out.
    The rest are pretty bland

  3. Vanity project by a good actress. (Don't quit your night job.)

  4. Yeah, I'd probably agree. It's pleasant enough, but there's not really anything to distinguish it beyond "Famous Person Singing". (Then again, considering the first album I ever bought...) I seem to remember Everything... was a single.

  5. Jonny the Friendly Lawyer sent a comment that for some reason hasn't appeared.
    Here it is

    Vanity project by a good actress. (Don't quit your night job.)

  6. Don't care for her music, but I still kind of like her.