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Sunday, 2 April 2017

SFA Sunday

It's SFA Sunday today.
Not Sweet Fanny Adams the second album from The Sweet released in 1974 nor indeed the blazer wearing incompetents that are the Scottish Football Association.
No it is Welsh psychadelic rock band Super Furry Animals.
A band I didn't think I was too familiar with until I picked up Songbook which features their first 21 singles  but it turns out that I recognized a few of the tunes.
 I came across it as I neared the end of the last shelf of the fourth and final charity shop in Stranraer (now five as the Cat Protection League were scheduled to open the next day).
So I very nearly ended up with Sweet FA.
A band I know that some of my blogging chums are very keen on and one I am enjoying catching up on.
I could have featured any of the 21 singles (except Hermann Loves Pauline which has featured before) as they are all of consistently high standard.
I have opted for these two, one in English and one in Welsh.

Super Furry Animals - (Drawing) Rings Around the World

Super Furry Animals - Ysbeidiau Heulog


  1. Such a consistent band. Gruff's solo stuff is terrific too.

  2. The second track today is an absolute belter. A fine piece of psychedelic-prog-indie-welsh-pop.

  3. If you have the Furries in a post, you can never go wrong. Top marks for today's offerings, and Ysbeidiau Huelog is particularly fitting for the weather at the moment (Sunny Intervals).

  4. It took me some time to get into the world of SFA, but worth the effort! And as for Gruff Rhys' solo material - he is a pop genius.