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Saturday 8 April 2017

Springsteen Covered -Streets of Philapelphia

A resounding thrashing last week for the Boss last week from Thea Gilmore with her version of Cover Me resulting in the scores now being The Boss 3 The Rest 2.
A lot of you whilst recognizing that there are some good songs on Born in the USA (which it seems I should refer to as BITUSA) shared my misgivings as to the production value.Even some Bruce die hards (you know who you are) were turned.
Something to remember then whenever it looks as though Bruce is extending his lead ( I think I can stretch to first to 10 if that's ok with you)

Something completely different for you this week. Springsteen with his Oscar winning Streets of Philadelphia (1994) from the Oscar winning film Philadelphia from 1993 versus a zany country version from the Kids from Philly themselves Marah.
As highly entertaining and amusing as the Marah version is it is Brucie for me this week.

Others, as always, may choose to disagree


  1. Well that was fun. I'm familiar with Marah, but not their version of this particular song, which they pick up and give a good shaking. A very enjoyable score draw.

  2. I'm expecting a first to ten. And it just has to be the bluegrass version by Marah, what a top tune.(Message to The Swede - get off that fence and pick a winner!)

  3. Marah for me, mainly for the vision I created in my head while listening to it of beardy men in big hats standing knee-deep in straw and smiling toothlessly.
    I'm sure Marah don't look like that at all but I don't want to spoil the fun!

  4. That's bloody awful that Marah is! But then again nobody can beat the original of this for me it's one of my favourite Springsteen songs everything from the lyrics, the world weary delivery and the near hip hop beats (very similar to Sidewalking) and downbeat keys are just about perfect. Butcher Boy had a good stab at it and not even Ryan Adams the king of the classy re-interpretation his version was positively meh.

  5. Bruce's version is very emotional... despite being connected to a film starring my least favourite actor (and I don't mean Denzel!).

    I do love Marah though...

    No, I'm going to have to go back to being predictable this week.

  6. Not a muso (as you know) and do this just for fun. It's definitely Bruce for me this week and have worked out that if I know Bruce's version well but not the alternative, I am more likely to go for him as have never tired of his songs the way I have tired of other artists I listened to just a bit too much back in the day. Again like with Bob this approach may tweak the stats but think there's enough people joining in for that not to happen.

  7. I'd like to enable folks to listen to this version from Glasgow's very own Butcher Boy (as mentioned above by Drew):-