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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Iggy Pop - 70 Years Young

I was listening to 6 Music on Friday night (21st April ) when Iggy Pop came on to do his show with the announcement that it was his 70th birthday. He announced that he shared the date with Robert Smith of The Cure who has just turned 58 and some wifey called  Betty Windsor who is now 91. I don't have any of her records.
At one stage you wouldn't have put money on Iggy reaching 50 never mind 70.However, he still appears fighting fit and has maintained his inner child and indeed a great taste in music.

Long may he reign over us.

Iggy Pop -Real Wild Child

The Cure - The Love Cats


  1. Seems like Mr. Osterberg had a real nice birthday. As you said: long may he reign over us.

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  3. I had the original 78 of "Real Wild Child" sung by Ivan. "Ivan" was actually Jerry Allison, of the Crickets, using the name Ivan, with Buddy Holly backing him up on guitar. It reached 68 in the US charts in 1958. I had 2 older sisters and it was them bought the record, but I always loved the sound of it.

  4. The man seems to be pretty indestructible. Long may he run.

  5. Iggy Pop I get but the fact that Robert Smith is 58 is freaking me out - When did we all become middle-aged?

  6. I feel old. Really old.

    Mrs JC has long love Iggy Pop; she thought he'd pop his clogs before he was 40....astounded that he's seemingly fitter than ever.

    Robert Smith being 58 makes his round the world tour last year all the more a remarkable achievement.