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Saturday 29 April 2017

Springsteen Covered - All That Heaven Will Allow

Last week saw the most comprehensive victory in this series and the Dylan series before with Bruce utterly thrashing Lucinda Williams with his song Factory. I think that I was probably the only one out there who cast their vote in favour of Lucinda.
The scores are now therefore The Boss 6 The Rest 2. Springsteen appears to be totally romping it.
Something slightly more up tempo this week and let's face it that wouldn't be difficult.

A second visit to Tunnel of Love sees Bruce's version of All That Heaven Will Allow up against The Mavericks version from their album What a Crying Shame (bought in Polar Bear Records, Kings Heath, Birmingham)
Brucie versus another distinctive voice courtesy of Raul Malo.
There's not really much in it but I think that the Mavs just shade it in terms of energy and passion.

Others, of course may choose to disagree.

Bruce Springsteen - All That Heaven Will Allow

The Mavericks - All That Heaven Will Allow


  1. The Mavericks, absolutely no contest, Better vocal, better production.

  2. The Boss, by an absolute mile.

  3. Ooh, I'm afraid I really don't like either but will give this week's point to the Mavericks (we need to give Bruce a run for his money).

  4. I think you know my answer by now.

  5. It's The Mavericks for me too - somehow if any of Bruce's songs are given a bit of country treatment I seem to enjoy them better.

  6. When I worked in a record store in the early '90s, the Mavericks were huge. Couldn't keep their albums on the shelf. Even though nobody on the staff considered themselves much of a country fan, we could always put them on and everyone would be ok with it. I haven't listened to even one song by them since I left the shop... until today. Nice memories for me, but it's not enough. Bruce again.

  7. Bruce. Times ten

  8. Christ on a bike! The Mavericks of course.

    Joking obvs. Not one of Bruce's best but still legs, body head and shoulders better than the other one.