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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Burnt Offerings 16

That's us half way through the series and today we feature the first and probably the last jazz option.
Ella Fitzgerald and possibly Chet Baker are the nearest I'm ever likely to get to jazz.
Ella can also do the Blues but here she is in a more up tempo mood with Let's Kiss and Make Up

Ella Fitzgerald - Let's Kiss and Make Up

Fact's about Razorlight

  • Lead singer Johnny Borrell is a twat of almost Bono-esque proportions
  • The only time I ever saw them live at King Tuts they were completely blown away by the support act The Raveonettes
  • I have their debut album Up All Night which you frequently see in charity shops
  • In the Morning is actually a reasonably good song 

I saw Jonathan Rice support Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins. I suspect he got the gig as he is romantically linked to Ms Lewis . Indeed they frequently play and record together as Jenny and Johnny.
This song is taken from his 2005 debut album  Trouble is Real.
It is only now whilst doing my usual extensive research that I remember him mentioning that he spent his childhood alternating between Virginia and Glasgow where he attended school in Bishopbriggs

More assorted nonsense next week


  1. Lovely to hear Ella. Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of her birth.

    1. I read that last night. Would have mentioned it had I known earlier

  2. CC, I was at that gig in King Tut's. Bu I have to confess I saw Razorlight on a further two occasions. Borrell is a total fud.

  3. Was the Jenny Lewis/Watson Sisters gig the one at Mon, if so I was also at that one.

  4. Never go wrong with Ella. Like the late night, minimalist beginning of the last track. Reminds me of some guy I saw supporting Ryan Adams years ago. Jeff... can't remember his name right now but I have an album by him somewhere. Almost disappointed when that track exploded into life.

    As for Razorlight: quite. They did manage a few half-decent songs despite JB's utter, utter fuckwittery. America was the song the Boomtowns Rats should have recorded after I Don't Like Mondays.

  5. I need a neck brace after hearing Ella and Razorlight back to back. Your first fact about Razorlight was a good laugh, and I'll take Ella over the others this week. That's not a slight on Jenny Lewis. She's quite a talent too. Don't really know much about Jonathan, but he's obviously a lucky man. Will investigate.

  6. Johnny Burrell is indeed a twat of Bono-esque proportions. But Bono leads by some distance still.

  7. Haven't heard this Ella before, CC, and couldn't wait to get over here for a listen! In my opinion, you just can't go wrong with Billie, Ella or Sarah. ;-)

  8. Great description of Johnny Burell. I think there's a few half decent tunes on their debut LP but can understand why so many folk donate it to charity shops on the basis they haven't listened to it for years and they only have space for around 30 CDs which is a problem with Coldplay being so prolific..