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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Springsteen Covered - Johnny 99

A fairly narrow victory for Bruce over Marah last week with their respective versions of Streets of Philadelphia.. Both  Drew and JC weighed in with the version by Glasgow's Butcher Boy with JC kindly providing a link to the song.I'm looking forward to seeing them at Govanhill Baths next Saturday.
The scores then are now The Boss 4 The Rest 2.
In order to stop him surging further ahead it may now be necessary to roll out the big guns to challenge Rol's Nebraska Protocols theory in the comments last week namely that no-one can better the versions on that album.
Well here is Johnny Cash the man who could  normally read the phonebook and sound brilliant with Johnny 99 one of two Springsteen covers on his album of the same name.
Unfortunately this is taken from his pre American Recordings wilderness years where he was clearly not on the top of his game so somewhat reluctant as I am to go against The Man in Black it is The Boss for me.

Others, of course, may choose to disagree

Bruce Springsteen - Johnny 99

Johnny Cash -- Johnny 99


  1. Not a very good song to begin with. Johnny Cash, obviously.

  2. Ditto George. (Trying to curb my wordiness)

  3. I've astounded and confounded myself today... because I prefer Bruce here! Even in spite of a love of men with deep voices ;-) What is going on?! I think it's just that,as you say CC, Johnny is not at his best here, and it's coupled with Bruce not sounding quite so Brucey on this, plus something about his treatment of it generally. So an unexpected point to Bruce please.

  4. Shaggy votes for Johnny Cash

  5. You'd have had a better chance of swaying my vote if you'd gone for JC's version of Highway Patrolman, which is spectacular.

    As it is, Bruce all the way.

  6. That really isn't very good at all is it. Bruce for me by a country mile.

  7. In general, not feeling it today. A blasé vote for Bruce. Your Saturday soirées did get me to pull out some Bruce earlier this week though.

    1. "Pulling out some Bruce" that a euphemism?

  8. Close but Cash for me, even in his Mercury period.

  9. Since it's a track from my joint favourite Springsteen album, I have to go for Bruce. The JC version jars with me a little because it's more bright'n breezy than the original.

  10. It's a belated vote for Bruce from me.